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Best Ways to Improve your Beach Home’s Real Estate Value – Infographic

by Carol Ferrell
home or house Exterior design showing tropical pool villa with greenery garden, sun bed, umbrella, pool towels

A beach house is something worthy of your investment. When installed with window tints a beach house can be a haven of fresh and clean air that you breathe every time you are in the vicinity of your property. You can also rent your beach house to other people during the holidays, which is what most people do to have an extra income source.

If you are planning to build a beach house, you should know about the kinds of beach houses. Knowing the types of beach houses gives you the advantage of the rent that you are going to put per day. For instance, platform beach houses are known for building on steeply sloping terrain next to water present a unique challenge to architects.

On the other hand, there are beach houses that are made to survive harsh winters and different extreme weather. These types of beach houses are constructed in areas that are prone to tsunamis and hurricanes. Examples of these types of beach houses are seen in the barns of farms in New England and homes located in New Jersey.

If you want to spend your extravagant wealth on a beach house, there is nothing wrong with it too. Having a luxurious beach house is the dream of every homeowner. These houses often include multiple rooms, swimming pools, and other rooms that are perfect for recreational activities that you and your family can bond with.

These larger beach houses require larger plots of land because they have more giant footprints; they tend to spread out horizontally, rather than vertically, with few rising higher than two stories. No matter how beautiful your beach house is, it would be best to take it with proper care so potential renters or buyers will be more willing to have your home.

The windows and doors of your beach house should always be closed, mainly if no one resides. Installing railings on doors and windows of your beach house is also essential because there might be intruders who may know that there are no lives in the area. Beach houses are susceptible to break-ins if they are vacation homes.

If you have the budget, you can always hire a caretaker of the house. A caretaker’s job is to ensure that the house is safe from intruders and is clean inside-out. The condition is hiring a caretaker because they can live in the beach house while you are not present as long as they mow the lawn, dust the appliances, and guard the home against thieves.

Meeting and having an excellent reputation with your neighbors is also unique to ensure that your beach house is safe from thieves. On the other hand, you may want to sell your beach house one day, and there are ways that you can do to improve the real estate value of your home, and if you want to know these ways, you can always check this infographic from Emerald Isle Home Remodeling infographic.


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