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Buying A Property Here’s The Checklist You Need To Follow

by Brad S. Muller
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There are several industries and policies in which we invest our money. From stock markets to gold and mutual funds to fixed deposits, there are many options that allow us to contribute some amount of money in the first go and reap an amount quite higher than how much we invested. The turnover is completely dependent on how the market performs and the interest rate at which we agreed to invest the capital. Another industry that helps us invest the money and enjoy great results gradually is the real estate industry.

Be it for commercial or residential purpose, any kind of property you buy is most likely to shower great profits on you. Doesn’t matter what purpose you buy it for- renting out, selling out further or even for your own settlement- this industry is certainly here to stay and benefit the buyers in several ways. There are many experts who keep suggesting us time and again about the perfect time to take buy a property. All of them say that there is a moment that is considered to be perfect for a particular action. There is a perfect time to work out, the perfect time to eat, and a perfect time to shop for our favorite stuff. Similarly, there is always a perfect time to invest money in real estate and purchase a property.

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When is it right to purchase a property?

Whenever someone tried to understand when should be the right time to buy a property, the instant answer that strikes his or her mind is that when the market is at its lowest. Certainly, that is a good time to invest in real estate as this suggests that the property prices will be low during this phase. As soon as the market booms again, the prices of properties will increase, thus making it difficult for you to make a secure and money-making investment. It is definitely challenging to conclude when the real estate industry has really reached its lowest point. It’s only surveys and advice that help you understand how the market is performing.

Other than how the situation of the market is, it is also important to find the right time for yourself to be ready to make that big investment. You should try to make such investments when you do not have any other loans in your name and you see that many people are convinced for the period to be the right one to invest in real estate. Do not get carried away or over-ambitious and end up purchasing a property that you would be hardly able to pay for.

Things to remember and check when buying property:

Before you invest your hard-earned money for buying a piece of real estate for yourself, below are certain aspects you must consider:

  • Stable income: It is extremely important for you to analyze how stable is your income and how is it expected to be in the years to come. It is very convenient to get driven for buying a property when your business is going well or you have started earning a good amount. What you need to analyze here is that will this cash flow continue for long? If for any reason you are not certain of how much your income would be in another 4-5 years, it is ideally not the best idea to put money in property. Wait for some time to have a clear picture of the cash flow and then decide to invest.

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  • The performance of the real estate market: When you get the idea of investing money in a property, you must start finding out the current prices of houses and lands in the area you are interested in. It is important for you to sure of whether the prices in real estate have gone up or down. If you see that the prices have certainly fallen down and the area has a history of getting good prices for the property, you can surely consider investing money there.


  • The objective of buying the property: All our investments are carried out to achieve certain goals. This one too would involve some or the other kind of motive. Ensure that you understand that motive and how it should benefit you in the years to come. You must understand and convince yourself if putting money in real estate is the only alternative for you to achieve those goals. Do not over-extend your budget, doing so will make your financial obligations more stressful and in some cases- unfavorable.


  • Personal life: This aspect plays a major role in how you invest and what you plan to reap. Whether you are single or married or have an extended family with children, you happen to invest money according to your present responsibilities and financial condition. Before buying a property, make sure that there is no major expenditure emerging in your personal life and you have all the means to look after your family members financially even after putting money in this investment.

In addition to these, it’s always recommended that you consult a real estate or financial expert for better and effective guidelines on this matter.

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