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Contemporary Architecture – An Insight

by Michael J. Meyers
Large edmonton modern window

Contemporary is actually another term for innovation, where the emphasis lies on developing new and fresh designs and ideas that suit the day-to-day needs and preferences. It is nothing but an out of the box thought process and aims at breaking the old-school processes and creating new milestones in the architecture and designing industry.

Contemporary Architecture V/S Architectural Movement

These are the two terms that are often confused and co-related with but have no set of similarities between them. Contemporary architecture is innovative designing process according to the recent trend whereas Architectural movement has much to do about a particular style of architecture for a society or during a time period. There are few factors that offer a comparative study on both these terms and about Contemporary architecture in detail.

  • The Form of Designing:

As far as the architectural designing is considered, either it is the process of following a certain preset path or more particularly a straight line or a new path to be created in designing (a curved line), The Contemporary architecture falls under the latter category. The extent of choice between the two depends on the architect and the designing methodologies.

  • Placement & Size of Doors & Windows:

The most important characteristic of modern day contemporary architecture is the application of large and more number of windows that gives the structure more of a fresh and transparent feel. Also, the positioning of these windows makes a huge difference to the entire building. The windows and doors Edmonton might be simply exactly what you are searching for.

Large edmonton modern window
Not only does this create a difference in look but also helps in many other factors such as increasing natural light thereby minimizing electricity consumption as well as giving a more open and fresh mind and healthy body. For people who love to experiment with changes and stand out showing uniqueness in each feature, a contemporary form of architecture is the best choice possible.

Interior wood doors

  • Structural Configuration:

When a contemporary form of architecture is in play, one can see a variety of shapes in the configuration of the structure. Unlike the straight-line method of construction, the space for creativity and innovation is boundless in the contemporary form of architecture. Some of the accentuated and highlighted buildings are all examples of contemporary architecture that has given rise to fresh ideas making the structures truly unique and outstanding indeed.

  • New technologies & Materials:

Since the contemporary form of architecture is to bring out innovative ideas in the most modern and trendy ways possible, the raw materials that go into the construction of the buildings and also doors are also emerging into newer types. It doesn’t mean that contemporary architecture disregards some of the traditional materials like wood or glass, but it is the proposition in which they utilize the traditional as well as modern materials. Wood doors Edmonton are made with the best type of traditional wood.

Interior wood doors
Also, the implication of the positioning of gardens and plants has a lot to do with the overall look and feel of the building. This way modernity blends both beauty and utilization in the perfect measure.

  • Ecological Friendly:

Modern day architectural designing has a prominent emphasis on maintaining ecological balance and to integrate with our surroundings in a perfect and mutually beneficial manner. Unlike the conventional form of architecture that had little or no consideration of installing energy saving equipment and technologies, contemporary architecture has a huge reflection of these factors in each of its creations. This concept not only makes sure that the ecology stays undisturbed but also aims at maximum utilization of minimum resources and conservation of natural resources. With the scarcity of many natural resources, it is high time we get back to these eco-friendly concepts. Go Green – Save Earth is the underlying principle of the contemporary form of architecture.

  • Dynamic Exterior Architecture:

Modern house and garden

Recently there is a comparatively higher emphasis on the external decorative features. Sophisticated and a rather elegant and sparkling appearance are what people expect their homes to be. They have to make sure that their house has a pleasant and appealing look from the outside as much as it is from the inside. After all, a home is a matter of pride for anyone and people try to uphold their dignity and status through their homes. Also, the surge towards the go-green concept has influenced many to allocate a larger space for landscape designing. Hence an animated appearance is given to the outer look of the buildings by using many new lighting and planting techniques.



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