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Choosing The Sunshine State Of Florida For Investment In Property

by Carol Ferrell

A state with first world economy and infrastructure along with a Caribbean climate is bound to attract millions of tourists every year for holidays and vacations. How about choosing this Sunshine state for your retirement home or for a holiday home of your own? While it might sound luxurious and unaffordable at the first go; you would be amazed to know that buying property in Florida is well within your budget. By British standards, property in Florida is not only abundantly available but also affordable by all means.

Why is Florida popular among holiday home buyers?

Needless to say, Florida has been a popular choice among holidaymakers for ages. What is interesting to note is how holiday home buyers have also been taking a keen interest in property investments in this state. The state’s fundamental attraction is its pleasant climate and natural assets that keep attracting people over the years.

The good news for home buyers is the fact that prices have gone down significantly. This gives you a huge window of opportunity for further property investments. However, there is a key factor that decides how well your property stands as an investment in the future. That factor is the location of your property. It is not just about how cheap your initial investment could be but more about how well your property is placed.

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Easy transportation makes it even better

Every day there are several flights that operate from Britain to Florida. The primary airports for easy transportation are Orlando in the North and Miami in the South. Also, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale have flights for Florida as well.

Holiday seasons witness supplemented charter flights from Britain that prove how popular Florida is as a holiday destination.

Property types in Florida

Most houses are generously sized in the state of Florida. Houses are built in a variety of styles that range from Colonial to Spanish Mission. If you are keen on investing in a single-family property, you can expect a pool along with it that will not need to be heated up. You can also expect other additional features like air conditioning, open living areas, huge walk-in wardrobes etc.

Yet another popular type of housing is the condominium. It is basically an apartment in a complex that is more of a resort; something that you could lock up and leave when not on vacations. The trend of building and investing in condominiums has seen an upsurge in recent times.

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Climate, Health & Finances in Florida

Climatic conditions, health facilities, and financial conditions are significant factors that decide how wise investing in property in a particular place would be.

  • Climate

We are all aware of how Florida is named as the Sunshine State. Florida receives brilliant sunshine throughout the year and the temperature never drops below 15 degrees Celsius in South Florida in the winters. With more of a humid subtropical climate, Florida is considered highly pleasant for those that experience harsh winters.

  • Financial conditions

Needless to say, settling down in the US and being financially stable is nothing short of a challenge. However, this is comparatively easier in the state of Florida. Similarly, investing in property is also quite doable as long as you know whom to get in touch with.

  • Health facilities

Florida has a number of good health care centers and great hospitals. However, you need to take additional healthcare insurance because healthcare is generally not free in the state of Florida. There are certain hospitals that do entertain emergency treatments but if you want to be assured of good treatment, then insurance is a must.

Key west downtown street houses facades in Florida USA

Home inspections

Investing in property in Florida is not restricted to simply finding a house of your dreams. An independent home inspection before finalizing things can protect you from material defects. The following things are generally checked out in a typical home inspection:

  • Stability and soundness of structure and foundation.
  • Pest infestations like termites etc.
  • Drainage issues.
  • Soil or erosion issues.
  • Odor or noise pollution.
  • Breeding ground for mold.
  • The effectiveness of heating and cooling systems.
  • Basement and flooring.

Home inspectors are required to complete the entire program before the property is finalized for purchase.

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