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5 Things That May Increase How Much Your Home Is Worth

by Brad S. Muller
Real estate broker agent presenting and consult to customer to decision making sign insurance form agreement, home model, concerning mortgage loan offer for and house insurance.

You can increase the appeal of your home by following many tips and guidelines available online. However, these guidelines can sometimes confuse you as these are not clear about the cost and budget linked to improving your home’s appearance. You need a good home exterior to welcome prospective buyers as well as your guests. If the exterior looks old and broken then no one is going to walk through the front door of your home.

Overall Appearance

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You can enhance the exterior appearance of your home by maintaining your existing landscape. Your lawn should not look dull when compared with your neighbors. You can improve the look by planting flowers and trees in a tidy way. You can also install lawn benches, a fountain, a mini waterfall to create a beautiful ambiance outside.

When you are done with the exterior look, you should move to the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Hiring an interior designer can solve your issues as they know what they are doing. The two commonly ignored rooms are bathrooms and kitchen. Moreover, these rooms also affect the overall price of your property. By making small changes, you can increase the value of your home by greater margins. You can install stone countertops in the kitchen, latest hi-tech appliances, customized cabinets to improve the appearance.

For the bathroom, you can pick updated fixtures and new flooring. For example, heated floors are trending now. These floors are helpful in cold regions and can increase your property rates by good amounts.

Easy To Maintain

When you are remodeling your home and the landscape, make sure that it still stays easy to maintain. Many home buyers want to invest their money in a home which does not require constant maintenance. If you installed a high maintenance water heater or furnace, you should remove it before putting the house up for sale.

An easy maintenance home not only attracts many potential buyers but also increase the property value due to its demand. You should also remove the stained carpets and add hardwood flooring.

Making Your Home Energy Efficient

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Adding energy conservation features to your home can affect your home’s value significantly. However, it depends on the area or the region where your home is located. If the weather is extremely hot or extreme cold in your region, then you should make the necessary arrangements accordingly.

For example, you can go for double-paned windows or tinted windows, attic insulation, efficient appliances like inverter ACs, and so on. You can also install big solar panels on the roof to utilize solar energy in your home and save money on electricity bills.

However, the solar panels require a huge financial investment as well as structural commitment. Adding solar panels to your home will only make sense in the longer run. It will not affect the final home price for a quick sale. It is better to set a meeting with a certified energy auditor and get an assessment of your home. The expert can help you in identifying whether you will be wasting your money by installing solar panels in your home.

Adding Area To Your Home

If your home covers more footage, it will have a better value in the market. When houses are similar in structure, style, and upgrades, the experts evaluate the house based on price per square foot. Bigger homes cost more and if the evaluator is not counting the overall area in his quoted money then that does not mean that the buyer will not notice the area size. It is harder to increase the footage of the area if your home surroundings are not available for purchase. In such situations, you can convert your basement into rooms.

Adding gadgets

CCTV security camera on wall in the home office for surveillance monitoring home guard system

Adding smart technology to your home can also increase the overall value of your home. you can use safe devices like fire detectors, thermostats, security cameras, modern door locks, gas detectors, and lighting. Though these added hi-technology gadgets may not always increase your home value, however, they can still increase the number of interested buyers.

You can also get automated kitchen cabinets replacement for your kitchen. However, it can be expensive. These cabinets are hidden and only come out when operated using remote or fixed buttons. You do not have to touch these cabinets and the cabinets are slow as well. If speed is not an issue then you should get these cabinets installed.

You can also add other kitchen gadgets which add luxury and comfort to the kitchen. For example, you can add voice-activated trash can, a digital screen fixed near our oven for recipes and instructions. However, these gadgets are relatively new and may give you or the new homeowner trouble if the gadgets break down.Real estate broker agent presenting and consult to customer to decision making sign insurance form agreement, home model, concerning mortgage loan offer for and house insurance.

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